Wednesday, 11 January 2012

OCCA. / OSBORN CENTRE of CULTURE & ARTS (osborn st. proposal)

This summer a derelict warehouse site on Osborn Street will be transformed into a centre of unique structures celebrating the rich and diverse east london community through arts, crafts and sports.
The abandoned warehouse site on Osborn street has become a forgotten space overtime.  Though situated in the conservation area of Brick Lane it still remains derelict, collecting rust, scrap objects from passers by and graffiti, which is perhaps its only merit.  The OCCA is my answer to the countless years of neglect the site has been subjected to.  The OCCA  is a multipurpose space that has a(n): 

arts and installations pavilion [the structure is made of light frame scaffolding, on which sheets of tensioned fabric (the canvas for the artists ) are stretched.  The structure can be dismantled, according to its required function.]

indoor arts & crafts market and workshop
spaces to wine and dine. 
outdoor graffiti mural wall, where members of the public and artist's community are welcome to paint on at any time
pop-up space that can be used to erect structures for either a cinema, theatre or extreme sports.

The Osborn Centre of Culture & Arts serves the local residents and surrounding creative community.